New Month To-Do List

Since it’s the start of a new month I thought I would share my to-do list for the beginning of the month and how I write my goals and intentions for the month. When it comes to to-do lists and planning I’m a bit of a nerd. I love making a list of all kinds and planning. I think this helps me stay motivated and on track. In all areas of my life. So, when it’s a new month I take advantage of it and set my goals and intentions. I love using Notion. It’s a website and an app where you can make pages and use different templates and add images, and links, and customize it however you like. I love that I can use it on my laptop, iPhone, and iPad. Below I’ve included a list of the pages I create to keep track of my goals and intentions below as well as some affirmations I like to use. These are just several affirmations I use. You can customize and use any affirmations you feel called to use and that speak to you. Feel free to message me on Instagram if you have any questions or would like any additional tips. I hope this will help and inspire you to get started.

To-Do List

  • Set monthly goals and intentions- I use the task list template and I separate them into categories health/wellness, creative/career, and personal/other.
  • Write Affirmations for the month-These can be any positive affirmations that will keep you in a positive mindset and feeling good. 
  • Habit Tracker - I track things like my water intake, when I exercise or take my vitamins. I mostly keep these the same but I may change them from time to time depending on what I feel I need to hold myself accountable for. 
  • I create a vision board for the month that I use for my wallpaper on my iPhone, iPad, and laptop, and I use it for my homepage on notions. I have a general vision board I created. But I think it's very important for me to have a vision for the month reminding me visually of my goals and intentions.


  • I am more than worthy of my dreams and desires!
  • I am more than qualified for my dreams and desires!
  • Nothing is too good for me!
  • Things are always working out for me!
  • I am enough!
  • All is well!
  • I am healed, whole, and in perfect health!


Sending you lots of love and positive energy,

Sierra Barnes - Officially Thriving

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