Setting Intentions And Manifesting 2023!

I Hope you all had a great holiday and are excited for the New Year. I’m not a big fan of new year resolutions. But with the new year approaching instead of New Years resolutions I am setting intentions. I'm no manifestation guru. But I'm sure my Mom would differ. But I thought I would share what I'm doing and hopefully inspire some of you to set your own intentions and manifest your dream life. 



      1. Before we can truly be ready to welcome in the new and our manifestation. We need to release anything that no longer serves us. So I suggest if there's anything you want or need to release that you haven't yet. You can write them down and then burn the paper. Of course be safe when doing so. 
      2. Meditate on what you want your intentions for 2023 to be. This can be sitting quietly, going out in nature, or anything that you feel is meditation for you. It’s different for everyone.
      3. Make a list of what you want your intentions to be for each area of your life. Be delusional, think big, and don't limit yourself. 
      4. Come up with a word or words for the year. It can be one word or a many as you like. But I would suggest no more than three or four so that you can really focus on the intention for each word. Ask yourself how they will show up for you in the new year and how they will inspire and motivate you throughout the year and moving forward. I’ve been meditating on what mine will be ,and I may share once I know for sure.
      5. Write or type out your intentions and what you want to manifest as if they’ve already happened and date it as 12-31-23. Write it as if you are writing a memoir for 2023. Also, write it with gratitude. I start out with I am so very beyond happy and grateful for/that. I separate mine into category such as health/wellness and career to make it easier. Then you can put it somewhere you won’t look at it everyday.
      6. Create affirmation that will inspire your intentions and vision for 2023. I’ve actually created a free sheet you can download of affirmations cards with affirmations that I love and use if you have a hard time coming up with affirmations. But it is also good to come up with your own since everyones intentions and manifestations are different.
      7. You can also create a vision board. I’ve learned this past year that it doesn’t have to be anything big and it doesn’t have to be on some big poster board on your wall. If you feel like a physical vision board works best for you that’s fine. But you can also create one on canva which I love doing and if you need or want to change something later it’s easy to do so. A digital vision board let's you set it as your screensaver on your phone, laptop, or tablet. 
      8. Envision the version of you who already has these things. Ask yourself, How do they feel? How do they look? How do they show up everyday? What brings them joy? Start showing up as that person even if you don’t have these things yet. Know you are worthy of them and starting channeling that energy. Because you are that person. You are beautiful! You are capable! You are worthy! You are qualified for all of these things and manifesting the life of your dreams!

 Also, feel free to contact me through email or on Instagram and Facebook if you have any questions or need additional help. 

Sending you love and positive energy,

Sierra Barnes - Officially Thriving